Fire Keeper is NOW AVAILABLE from Orenda Records, iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp!

The Daniel Rosenboom Quintet is an electrifying ensemble that brings together some of the Los Angeles creative music scene's most distinctive instrumental voices!

Daniel Rosenboom – Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet, and Flugelhorn
Gavin Templeton – Saxophones, Flute, and Bass Clarinet
Alexander Noice – Electric Guitar and FX
Kai Kurosawa – Bear Trax and FX
Dan Schnelle – Drums

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Their debut album, Fire Keeper introduces a new brand of American music, unbound by genre or stylistic idiom. The quintet seamlessly blends elements of jazz, progressive and experimental rock, electronic music, blues, grunge, and contemporary classical music into an unprecedented sound that is fiery, grooving, intelligent and exciting. The band rocks hard, but flies with the freedom of inspired jazz. The sound is fresh yet grounded, and for all its brazen metal edge, this is joyous music!

Tour Dates 2014:

August 23 - LA Jazz Collective Festival @ Blue Whale (Los Angeles, CA)
September 14 - SOhO (Santa Barbara, CA)
September 16 - The Royal Room (Seattle, WA)
September 17 - The Starday Tavern (Portland, OR)
September 19 - Ampersand (Reno, NV)
September 21 - Monterrey Jazz Festival (Monterey, CA)
September 24 - Bakersfield Jazz Workshop (Bakersfield, CA)

September 28 - Angel City Jazz Festival (Los Angeles, CA)

The Daniel Rosenboom Quintet hits the road this September! Check out this promo video for the Fire Keeper Tour...

Purchase Fire Keeper direct from Daniel Rosenboom's Store and enjoy the live videos and photo galleries below!

Live Videos

Album Reviews

****4 STARS**** from DownBeat Magazine
****4.5 STARS**** from Sydney Morning Herald

From a review of Fire Keeper // DownBeat Magazine
"There are few jazz records that seem suitable for a pyrotechnics show, but trumpeter-composer-producer Daniel Rosenboom has accomplished such a feat with the debut of his new album...a wholly modern and frequently intimidating assault brimming with ferocity...The quintet has a grinding meticulousness...and the band is extremely tight in their execution of Rosenboom's ideas. This is not background music. It's a panoramic assault soaked in aggression and fuzz, flinging jagged machismo in every direction. The listener has two options: Put down what they're doing and soak it up, or run screaming for the hills."
— Sean J. O'Connell, DownBeat Magazine 

From a review of Fire Keeper // All About Jazz:
"Complex and exciting, Fire Keeper burns, lurches, and leaps with intelligent virtuosity and a breathtaking sense of ensemble cohesion. This might be where jazz is heading—so strap in and enjoy the ride."
— Robert Bush, All About Jazz

From a review of Fire Keeper // LA Times
"Veering between knotty jazz, prog rock and metal, is a trumpeter determined to go his own way...the imagination on display generates plenty of heat."
— Chris Barton, LA Times

From a review of Fire Keeper // Sydney Morning Herald
"A more innovative approach has been to place jazzy improvising within a rock aesthetic. The quintet, led by Los Angeles' trumpeter Daniel Rosenboom, is at the pinnacle of this approach, as heard on the new Fire Keeper opus. Rosenboom's music filmically plays with moods, while reaching peaks of energy in which rhythmically complex compositions and arresting improvising sit atop the thundering drama of rock."
— John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

From a review of Fire Keeper // Something Else Reviews:
"We’ve firmly established a few things about Daniel Rosenboom from his Best of 2013 release Book of Omens: he’s a fearless composer, bandleader, and trumpet player who lunges headfirst into the frontiers of modern progressive jazz, making it his mission to craft something that’s both fresh and immediate. What we establish from his follow-up LP Fire Keeper is that his pursuit of what’s beyond that frontier doesn’t ever let up."
— S. Victor Aaron, Something Else Reviews

From a review of Fire Keeper // Nextbop
"Fire Keeper, marches forward with a certain kind of relentlessness. It's definitely the kind of rambunctious, inventive kind of music that would describe a Steve Coleman composition or the latest David Binney album...[an] exciting direction jazz has been taking lately in the intermingling of rock sounds into the jazz canon, especially when touches of free jazz rear their heads. It's rather challenging material, for the musicians involved and for the listener, but it's worth a listen."
— Anthony Dean-Harris, Nextbop

From a review of Fire Keeper // The Needle Drop
"The kinetic energy in the performances on this thing is m-a-s-s-i-v-e...the performances are just stellar throughout."
The Needle Drop

From a review of Fire Keeper // Avant Music News
"These guys aren’t afraid hit it hard, paying homage to rock and jazz often in the same track. The result is a complex, yet ultimately catchy, set of tunes. But be careful – you might break a few bones trying to move your body to Fire Keeper."
— Mike Borella, Avant Music News

From a review of Fire Keeper // All About Jazz:
"Fire Keeper, the debut album from the Daniel Rosenboom Quintet, exemplifies the vast possibilities for contemporary jazz artists."
— Mike Oppenheim, All About Jazz

Live Concert Reviews

From a review of The Daniel Rosenboom Quintet Live at The Loft @ UCSD on March 13, 2014 // NBC San Diego:
"In his quintet, [Rosenboom] has fashioned something entirely new from wildly diverse precedents like the music of Ornette Coleman, Balkan-folk, heavy-metal, and the Mahavishnu Orchestra... At times the band reminded me of Ornette’s Prime Time playing at a Bulgarian rave. The liberal dosage of odd-meters and compound meters also evoked the spirit of Mahavishnu, but there was also a splash of (I swear to god) Black Sabbath tossed in for good measure... Rosenboom has a warm, gorgeous tone...imagine Freddie Hubbard gigging with Henry Threadgill in a Slavic mashup group, and you get the idea."
— Robert Bush, NBC San Diego

What is a Bear Trax?

You might be wondering what that crazy two-handed tap guitar/bass thing is that Kai plays. Well, in this video, Kai explains a bit more about the Bear Trax:

Coming together...

The members of DR5 have been playing together in various contexts for nearly a decade. Here the group talks about how we met came together: 

Photo Galleries from Live Concerts

Artwork by Pete Morris - sketched during a live performance at the Blue Whale on September 14th, 2013.